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Software Testing Strategy

A software testing strategy is, in general, a plan of action that must be followed to ensure that the final product is of the greatest quality feasible. It is a set of instructions that an internal QA team or an external QA team follows to deliver the standard of quality that you have established. You lose time and resources if you go for the method that says your project doesn’t need to be flawless.
Testing Strategy

Our Software Testing Strategies

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Strategy Testing

Static Testing

Comparison testing can include many areas of evaluation including: functionality, quality, performance, features, usability, help manuals, and security.
Strategy Testing

Behavioral Testing

This type of testing determines the immediate or long term effects of configuration changes on the system’s behavior and performance.
Strategy Testing

Structural Testing

Regardless of the focus, compatibility testing ensures that all of your end users will have the same positive experience.
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Testing Strategy

Factors to keep in mind while choosing testing strategy

The test strategy should be created early on the project lifecycle in order to understand the risk and resources that are present.

In testing priorities, deadlines and resourcing usually defines the scope of testing – lack of QA’s or lack of experience. Either way the highest value flows have to targeted, testing using manual or automation. 

Priorities and deadlines  have to defined and different types of testing techniques that we be employed, it might include component testing, backend testing and performance testing for a backend REST-API service with only time to do positive scenarios for the initial release. 

The most experienced tester will define the strategy and estimate it based on similar work done in the past.


Risks to the project
They may not tolerate the situation when your product crashes or functions in the wrong way, so you may lose your end-users.


Regulations to consider
Your users will live in different geographical locations, so your product must comply with the rules and regulations effective in the customer’s country.


Objectives of the project
Tests should not be the primary objective of the successfully chosen software testing strategy. They are required to make your product better.
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